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Feature Requests (DTM) 566

Have an idea for the next big feature in the game? Please share with the developers and the rest of the community...

Posted by Vin, over 2 years ago , Last Reply by Maria Valenti 7 months ago , 39 votes
Posted by Jim, about 4 years ago , 53 votes
Posted by Stance Strong Jr., about 20 hours ago
Posted by Thomas Greenwood, 3 days ago
Posted by Brenden Griffis, 3 days ago , Last Reply by scott bodeman 3 days ago
Posted by Donald Robinson, 3 days ago
Posted by Snoop Dogg AKA Snoop Lion, 12 months ago , Last Reply by Yahoo! 16 days ago
Posted by bigdaddy.billiot217, about 1 month ago , Last Reply by Cool Cool 24 days ago , 1 vote
Posted by Cool Cool, 24 days ago , 1 vote
Posted by Wasif Khan, over 3 years ago , Last Reply by Patrick Hoskins 26 days ago , 1 vote